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The most common and dramatic method of career advancement—in both position and salary—is achieved through moving to a new position. If you are interested in having the opportunity to be considered for a new challenge, we suggest registering with our firm. We only retain, on our system, those individuals having experience and qualifications for senior level positions in Institutional Advancement (Development/Fund Raising, Alumni Affairs), Association and Non-Profit Management (Executive Director, President, CEO).

Placements are most commonly achieved with individuals who will seriously consider positions anywhere. If you have a particular restriction, please understand that placement becomes more difficult. Register by using our confidential and secure On-Line Form. If you prefer to register with us directly or to update changes to your location/position, simply send your information and/or your current résumé by email attachment to Erin Cummings (

For the thousands of professionals already on our system, use the Registration Form as an “update” to edit your information whenever changes occur.

Registration Privacy Statement:
Registration with Paschal Murray is reserved for individuals who have skill and experience working as a fundraising professional, as a lead manager in a non-profit organization, an alumni association officer or as a closely associated professional such as a working attorney with expertise in estate planning who is, for example, interested in transitioning to a planned giving officer position. Individual information that is maintained by the firm is private and is never shared with anyone other than engaged clients when a constituent is involved as an active candidate in a search project. Information is never passed on to clients without the candidate’s full knowledge and approval. By registering with our firm, you will occasionally receive notifications of new opportunities by telephone or by e-mail announcement. Due to confidentiality issues, at no time will this firm use social media for communication or for the harvesting of résumé information.