Selecting a Firm

Find a firm that has nationally acclaimed expertise in the exact area for the skill set of the position you seek to fill. Do not be impressed with a firm’s size, years in business, number of cities with offices, number of associates. These are nice attributes, but they are values that have little to do with success within a particular industry. Stick to important issues: Ask this…what do they know about the position you are trying to fill?

If you are looking to find a Chief Financial Officer or a University President or Dean, stop right here and Google for another firm. We do not countenance positions outside of our wheelhouse. If you are looking for a fundraising professional or a foundation president (executive director), you are in the right place. We are glad you are here.

Reviewing various companies is the right move. While recommendations are great and past associations might also be positive, the position you seek to fill in organizational advancement is likely crucial to your organization where mistakes can be devastating. There is often a need to learn more about the process. This might be your first experience with a search firm and many questions are on your list. The advantage of working with Paschal•Murray is that we are happy to talk with you at length about your project and how we work. We do not charge for consulting with you about your particular situation and what you are looking to achieve. The principals of this firm spend many hours at philanthropy conferences making presentations on a whole host of topics related to philanthropy, career development and personal branding. We enjoy talking to potential clients about their particular needs and interests. Call us anytime. We will review our search process, our fee structure, a typical time-line, assigning a consultant. You ask, we answer.

Possibly a recruitment effort for your organization is not in your best interest. There are a number of organizations that think they are ready for a development professional when, in fact, they have not made the appropriate and necessary preparations. We feel we can help you evaluate where you are and maybe advise you on interim alternatives. Again we do not charge for these advisory discussions. We make our money providing search services, the extras are there because we know a little about philanthropy.

Technology is Important

Some people think that large firms have all the tools while small firms cannot possibly afford the important infrastructure. In many cases this is true. However, Paschal•Murray is arguably well ahead of the largest international executive search firms that are so big that they cannot possibly keep up with change. They got too big to change. We remain nimble. Big companies don’t have resources for innovation. What IBM does, for example, is buy up small start-ups that have developed good ideas. By the very nature of the business, lead consultants of a search firm travel extensively (at least they should). This means working while traveling and having the tools to keep up from anywhere in the world. Paschal•Murray has been “cloud computing” for 18 years—14 years before the word was coined. We know that communication in real time is important for the relationships we develop between our clients and candidates. Access to information is critical to our success. All employees have total access from anywhere using our own mobile hot spots, Citrix systems, cloud servers, mobile and office devices.

Social Media

Do we use social media? Of course we do, but not in the way one might think. We use these facilities for research, but WE DO NOT use social media for communications. The reason is simple and it fits in with our commitment to privacy and the protection of confidential information. We do not and will not pass information outside our walls using a tool or product that is not reasonably protected from public access.