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Why Paschal•Murray? We thought you would never ask! Thanks for reviewing this page.

We feel you would be very wise to get on Paschal•Murray’s schedule for executive search services—IF, you are looking for a talented performer(s) working in philanthropy or non-profit management. That is what we do. That is all that we do.

Let us make the case…

Would you take your vintage Mercedes to a corner garage that had a big sign out front proclaiming, “Car Repairs?” Maybe you would in an emergency. However, we wouldn’t think you would by preference. There are just too many specialties in sophisticated automobiles today.

How about ordering new cabinets for your home? Would you call Ned, down the street who cuts and stacks oak logs to sell as firewood? After all, he has a bunch of saws. You get the point. Paschal Murray, Inc. is a specific executive search firm that has very strong expertise in philanthropy, recruitment strategies, and employment law. Recruiting a lead fundraiser for your organization is far too important to leave the task to a generalist firm that, at best, might have a “non-profit search department” or one associate with some related experience. Certainly, if selecting a “generalist firm” you would not expect to have the CEO managing your search. Why? They are too busy making bank deposits and recruiting raw associates.

No, what you want is a firm that knows the philanthropy business from an executive’s view; has worked continually within the industry; and, has created a unique method in uncovering top talent that would be a close fit for your organization. You might ask, “How can you be so unique?” Our answer is, that we embarked on a strategic plan that was difficult to attain, but we felt it would pay dividends—and it has!

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  • Council for the Advancement & Support of Education
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