Making Application

We welcome interest by qualified professionals for positions that are in active recruitment. If you hear about something that excites you or if you have been contacted about a particular position, use the features of our website to learn as much as possible about the position, the people, the organization and the location. We know that it is difficult to outline everything there is to know about a particular position and that you will have questions. We would enjoy hearing from you, but before you call, do us a favor and email your résumé (MS Word preferred) and indicate a time/date you could talk by telephone (provide your time zone). The reason we need a fresh copy of your résumé is just to save time and make the call more effective. The search consultant, having your document in hand would allow for note taking and evaluation of basic qualifications.

As you become more positive about your interest in the position, take the first step of talking over this idea with your family. Please do not wait on this step because the process for moving to a new position can become a big deal in your life and it isn’t fair to the organization, our firm, or your family to delay this discussion and needed buy-in.

As your interest becomes more positive, prepare a well written application letter. The purpose of this letter is your opportunity to carefully compare the skills the employer seeks and the challenge they want to address with what is outlined in your résumé. The letter can fill in any holes that a résumé cannot fully address. If you have certain experiences or related skills that you can bring to the discussion, this is the time to outline them. You can also point out any deficiencies for the position and how you would go about getting up to speed. With your résumé and this cover letter, your opportunity to demonstrate writing ability is paramount to gaining early distinction.

So let’s review the steps:

  1. Study the job description, visit the organization website, get an idea of the people and learn about the city, state, region.
  2. Send an introductory e-mail to the search consultant listed for the position and attach your résumé. This starts the ball rolling.
  3. Start the discussion with your family.
  4. Write a thoughtful application letter and use the opportunity to express your interest and fill in any holes to highlight skills that are needed for the position that your résumé does not address.


Typical Timeline

The open recruitment period for a search with Paschal•Murray is normally about six to eight weeks from first announcement to the time we create our report of top candidates that we send to our client. On average an offer is made to the selected candidate within 100 days of first announcement. However, various issues can surface that will draw out a search. Typically the search consultant will receive your résumé and letter of application, arrange a telephone interview and, depending on how you evaluate in consideration of others in the pool, a personal interview is arranged. You will be advised if your candidacy is being forwarded to our client for review. Most other questions or inquiries are transmitted by e-mail. From the beginning of your involvement in the process, use the time to study the organization and the region/community. Be patient as the process proceeds.