For Candidates

We welcome professionals working in institutional advancement and related fields associated with fundraising, alumni relations and estate planning. This section of our site provides information on the search projects that are currently in progress and directions for reviewing the positions and making application. There are many reasons for a person to consider a new position (family relocation, career advancement opportunities, the desire to live in an environment better suited to health needs, a desire to work for a organization you have always admired, etc.). We recommend that you pursue a new position for all the right reasons and that you take this step and this process very seriously and professionally. And remember this simple fact: In a search process, normally only one person is hired. This does not mean that the others under consideration are failures—it just means that one person more closely fit the organization’s needs.

We want to also remind you that we work for our client and our job is to develop a pool of talented candidates who we evaluate as able to do the job effectively and professionally. We will provide you with information about the position and our client organization and urge you to present your written documents with accomplished skill and present yourself eloquently. For those that we evaluate as the top candidates in a particular pool, we are your cheerleader, but we do not “coach” you or try to make you into something you are not. To do so would be unethical and not in the best interest of our client.

If you see an opportunity that interests you, please carefully study the posted job description and verify that you have the qualifications and experiences outlined by our client. Good luck, we believe you will enjoy working with us.