Our Process

Services Provided

Our job is to provide clients with specialized expertise. No quality stands out more that finding talented professionals for a pool of candidates making it extremely testy for our client to make their hiring decision. Our job is to make it tough on our client. They need choices.

You could call us a human resource department derivative but that does not do us justice. While human resources has a very broad set of responsibilities within an organization, the executive search functions that we provide are an explicit role and ours is within a very narrow industry. We are experts for a function that most human resource departments could not possibly match because they do not perform recruitment for fundraising professionals enough to be cost effective. HR professionals love working with us as we get the recruitment phase done expediently and bring them a candidate pool that excites everyone.

As the search process progresses, we work closely with our official client contact and provide the assistance, the consultancy, the materials, the tips to facilitate closure. We work to lead our client along a path that is effective, meets regulations and keeps the process moving at a reasonable pace. Nothing harms a good search more than the element of time. Therefore, we seek clients who are committed to the process.

Please read and review the posting “Four Step Process.” This graphic displays the important aspects of the Paschal•Murray partnership in the recruiting effort. While we may work with, literally, thousands of potential candidates for your position, you, on the other hand may only work with five or six of the best. You serve an executive function of decision-making, while we work vigorously in the background with all the details.

The Four Steps to a Successful Search

Our 4 Step Process


Who Do We Serve?

Our primary clients are Colleges, Universities, Health Care Systems, Hospitals, Disease Research Institutions, Museums, Independent Schools, Arts Organizations, Professional Associations, Foundations, and National or Local Charities. You get the picture—we cover the public sector.

Job Titles—That We Are Typically Asked To Assist

Vice President (Vice Chancellor) for Institutional Advancement
Associate, Assistant or Executive Director…of Philanthropy (Development)
Senior Director of Development, Planned Giving or Corporate & Foundation Relations
Director of Development
Director of Annual Giving
Foundation President (Executive Director)
President, Executive Director, or Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations
Chief Development Officer
Director of Major Gifts (we do more of these than any other single title)

Let’s Talk About Diversity

Most clients are understandably concerned about establishing or maintaining a diverse workforce. When hiring an outside firm to assist with recruitment there is often fear that the firm would not have the same values and interests as the client. This is often a difficult component to overcome when words are not as important as performance. There are two issues that stand out when recruiting in the narrow industry of philanthropy: First, America is a giving nation filled with tremendous personnel who work as fundraisers. However, the number of minorities who have steered their career in the direction of philanthropy is very sparse. Couple that with the fact that minorities who have shown significant expertise and success are on everyone’s radar. The good news is that the majority of minority practitioners in philanthropy have mainstreamed. In other words, one doesn’t have to go to specialized locations to contact them. However, the real value is having people on your team that truly value diversity and have spent a lifetime embracing that concept. Minorities know that responding to our call will be met with professional respect and dignity. We suppose that the fact that our CEO, Colette Murray while serving as legal counsel for the University of California campus in Berkeley, was asked to pen the original draft that became the Affirmative Action policy for the UC System. This experience doesn’t hurt when stating our case to new clients who realize that we embrace diversity as much as they.