Our History

Paschal Murray, Inc. began in 1978 by a woman named Carolyn Paschal. Her focus was with positions in the public sector including a strong attention to positions in advancement and with nearly equal ability with positions in communications, public relations, government relations and media relations. Twenty years later, Ms. Paschal considered retirement and came to the current owners with a proposal to purchase the firm.

In 1998 the current owners set about channeling the energies of the firm to a direction that centered on positions in fundraising and institutional advancement. In addition, it was recognized that a narrow focus can bring distinct expertise but the scope had to expand to a national and international base. The strategy was simple, but expansive. It was apparent that to develop a service that could compete with any search company, there had to be total and complete dedication to a national presence and national database of current practitioners—candidate potential. For this the company embarked on a continual effort to build and maintain the largest active database of working professionals in philanthropy that exists today. We employ dedicated staff to research the names and location of working professionals in philanthropy. Not a day goes by that our data doesn’t expand and improve.

Today, Paschal•Murray has associates in four states and two countries. Our primary business and operations office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina while our corporate office is in California. Basically our “office” is virtual by the fact that our primary leadership is “on the road” and continually working and communicating.

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