By The Numbers

622The most searches personally managed by an individual in America for positions in philanthropy: Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE, CEO of Paschal•Murray

26The average number of searches completed by Paschal•Murray during a calendar year.

9The number of states Paschal•Murray has clients in 2019.

49The number of states where our current or former clients are located.

ZeroThe number of college deans, CFO’s, VP’s for Student Services, college presidents we have placed. We only accept projects for positions in philanthropy or foundation leadership/non-profit executive directors. We stick to our knitting. While we could play that game of taking on a huge variety of search projects, expanding our staff, building untold bureaucracies, adding eager young associates who would do most anything to fill a job, make a commission and catch up on the jazzy car payment, we prefer to remain contained and only do what we consider excellent work in a field where we have unequaled expertise.

8.5 millionThe miles traveled by Paschal•Murray lead consultants on American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Air to interview candidates, attend professional fundraising conferences and consult with clients in the US and abroad. We don’t sit around making pie charts!

42The number of years Paschal•Murray has been continuously doing business.