About Us

If you are looking for a firm to assist you with recruitment of a fundraising professional for your non-profit organization or maybe an alumni director at your university, or possibly the President of your foundation—you are in the right place. If your interest is for ten programmers for your software company, you best look elsewhere because we do not venture outside our area of specific expertise.

Paschal•Murray is all about the desire to remain the premier executive search firm in America for positions in philanthropy. How does a firm do that you ask? Let us point out the ways: (About Paschal•Murray)

This firm was purchased from the founder in 1998. The firm had been in business since 1978, but the focus included areas outside of philanthropy. The former firm was more regional in scope favoring the western United States. The current owners channeled all efforts toward a more narrow industry—that of positions in philanthropy, institutional advancement and the management of non-profit organizations where philanthropy is a primary focus for income and support. In addition Paschal•Murray went national by expanding to service the entire U.S. If fundraising is important to an institution, organization or association, we wanted to be the first telephone call that entity made whenever assistance was needed to land new talent on their advancement team. In order to be completely relevant, for such a narrow focus, the firm set out in a strategic plan to expand to a true national presence. Today, 21 years later, we find that we have worked in nearly every state in American and in several foreign countries.

Our value is the fact that the principals and senior executives of this firm are fundraisers by professional history or legally educated with a specialization in employment law. The leadership enjoys the respect of practitioners in the field. Searching for talented professionals is not that difficult when one knows something about the turf on which they play. Paschal•Murray knows philanthropy, knows the law and the regulations and knows the professionals in the field. Our job is to connect the dots when it comes to securing the talent for which clients reach out to us for professional assistance. PM Client List

To become a premier search firm, all that was needed was to develop the technology necessary for true national searches, a lifelong devotion to ethics and honesty in business and to commit to remaining relevant. It doesn’t hurt to have a team of people more interested in serving clients than they are hovering over their smartphone or checking traffic on Facebook. We are proud to argue that we are tops in class in these four categories: 1) expertise in philanthropy; 2) technology; 3) ethics/honesty in business; and 4) remaining relevant. These are the basics that we live by—this is what we are about! Fulfilling these ideals and having a great work ethic is how we determine that we present strong values to our customers.

To be very good at something, we found that it is absolutely imperative to do what we do best and not try to parlay our access to clients into expanded products and services for which one knows little—or much less. That is what we work to avoid and this is why we are different from all other firms, which leads to being tops in executive search for positions in philanthropy.