Image of Richard Murray

Richard A. Murray

Chief Operating Officer - Search Consultant

Mr. Murray manages the office staff and all associates who work as a team on each search project. In addition, he works with each client on contract matters, finalizing the position descriptions for publication, the work flow of the search process, and all invoicing. At the conclusion of the process, Dick is instrumental working with our client in the negotiation phase of an offer to the selected candidate.

Richard has spent much of his professional life in higher education as a professor at University of California, Santa Cruz and at Fresno State University. Prior to the purchase of the firm, Dick worked as a consultant to non-profit organizations in the Detroit area, Washington, DC, and in San Diego where he provided clients assistance in the training of office staff with computer system programs and applications. Dick wrote several custom donor records database management systems, guided clients through the conversion process when new database systems emerged, and worked on team building concepts to make the fundraising process efficient and effective.

With Paschal•Murray, Dick wrote the software that drives the business and developed all the business tools to make the corporation effective. This would include the development of search database tools, overseeing the implementation of remote access capabilities through the installation of Citrix XenApp technologies, and the first international search firm to have a systems approach to the handheld e-mail device.

Mr. Murray oversees all company advertising, promotions, and sponsorship activities. He writes the copy and creates the graphic images for final form publication and he maintains the company Web site.